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All material follows trip to our base in Diadema. It is where it will be processed, stored and reconfigured, including additives, ensuring environmentally correct disposal and closing the material replacement cycle in the market.

Emergency Plan

Focused on our responsibility to the environment, we rely on the advice of SOS Contec, covering the areas of prevention, management and care, included the implementation of SAP (Action Plan and Emergency) in security processes, occupational health and the -environment.


The TRANSOIL Commercial Waste Dehydration accounts for this treatment with quality and excellence recognized. Through L.O. No. 31004190, CETESB authorize us to receive 280 million liters / year of waste, a condition never before released for a company of this segment in the entire state of Sao Paulo.


The infrastructure, the experience and all the know-how accumulated by companies in the GRIGOLETTO Group, acting for over 50 years in the oily fuel and waste market are the guarantee of the best, safest and most efficient services in the oil recycling market fuel.
The ECCOLUB Transport and Logistics Ltda. It offers sure you are taking advantage of a serious and responsible services group, in which all actions are geared towards a better world in terms of the environment.
Confidence in the quality of service delivery is one of our greatest achievements.
The ECCOLUB, along with the companies in the group, is the company that operates with the best infrastructure market withdrawal and disposal of oily waste.

We say this because every stage, from start to finish, are carried out with resources of our own group, without the need for outsourcing.
Be the removal of material, in the recovery process or in the transformation of waste into recycled product and appropriate to return to the market, we guarantee the tranquility of services based on the principles of RELIABILITY, HONESTY and QUALITY governing our company.
Although few know, our company gives condition for several other companies remain this service in the port of Santos. Now, as we realize that some companies are not complying with the rules governing this market, we decided to show who we are and how our structure.
Our commitment to the environment is the primary factor, to guide all our procedures in the waste recovery process.


Two operational bases
Own fleet of vehicles
Trained Drivers
Emergency Plan


Waste Collection
Ballast Water
Bilgde Water
Washing Basements


We have the ideal solution for your transport company.
Transport of chemicals, dry cargo, Sider.
Among other solutions for various needs.

We serve SP Capital

Greater São Paulo

Baixada Santista

Interior de São Paulo


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